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The White Puffle Pin

Club Penguin at one point used to sell all sorts of merchandise. From penguin and puffle plushes, to books, trading cards, action figures, magazines, sleeping bags, and even real life pins. Disney is known for their different themed pins that you can buy at the parks. Back in 2009, Disney released a Club Penguin puffles pin set at Disney World, Disneyland, and the Disney Store.

This was the original set released in the US and UK in 2009

Every Puffle that was on Club Penguin at the time was included in the first set. About a year later in July 2010, Disney decided to re-release the pack adding the two new Puffles that were introduced to Club Penguin. White and Orange.

Unlike the first one which was released in both the US and UK, the second set was limited edtion and produced in limited quantities sold in Disney Stores in the UK only. The White Puffle is the most iconic pin within this set. It’s noticeably smaller than the others. Why you may ask? Well, White Puffles in Club Penguin are actually smaller than the rest.

Pretty neat, eh?

Club Penguin merchandise is no longer available for purchase. If you wanted to find this set of pins for yourself, I would recommend you check out eBay.

Did YOU know that a White Puffle pin existed? Which pin is your favorite out of the set? Leave a comment below! 🙂

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