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Top 10 NEW Things Coming To Club Penguin Island This Month

Club Penguin has just uploaded a brand NEW video in which they show off 7 brand new things coming to Club Penguin Island later this month. Some of the content is smaller like the new tubes while other content like the new clothing catalog is pretty big. Check it out!

At number seven, the video fizzles out and we can see something is going on with HERBERT!


I wonder what it could be… I am most looking forward to the Earth Day event with all the new decorations, the new clothing catalog, AND the second set of Aunt Arctic adventures. 🙂

Which update are YOU most looking forward to?

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4 Comments on "Top 10 NEW Things Coming To Club Penguin Island This Month"

8 months 21 hours ago

I hope that in the next CPI update, they’ll give non-members more rights such as wearing the items we got for pre-registering, some mascot quests and let non-members buy clothing from the clothing store.

It’s insane and extreme the treatment the CPI Team has towards non-members; they’re part of the community too, they don’t deserve to be treated like nothing and mostly, to old users that pre-registered for the game; we deserve to have the pre-registered items unlocked for everyone. :/

An Angry 2009 Penguin
8 months 3 days ago

Look man, Herbert’s awesome.

But now that penguins have travelled to a new island, what reason has he to be evil? He wanted a quiet place, right? Well, why doesn’t he use the old island? Nobody (except Puffles, but they aren’t THAT noisy) is there anymore!

Unless, this means that the old island has somehow vanished into nothing? But that doesn’t explain the Future Party we had back in 2014…hmmmm


Well, I’m hoping CP gives Herbert at a least decent reason to be a villain, instead of “I’m evil durr hurr hurr”.

8 months 3 days ago

I am most excited for the new catalog in the update! The clothing customizer is one of the only things that make cpi different from all the other virtual worlds and old cp. I hope that they can focus on adding more unique features. Especially when it comes to the missions they aren’t very exciting right now so I hope the missions will get better especially if they add Herbert missions.

8 months 3 days ago

don’t forget that as it’s fizzling out, number 7 says “new heroes”! 😀