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Club Penguin Fact Of The Day – 3/11

By Riyita

DID YOU KNOW? The very first Club Penguin pin, the Shamrock Pin, was available on the Coffee Shop’s coffee table.

Club Penguin Fact Of The Day – 08/28

By Riyita

DID YOU KNOW? Club Penguin hide multiple pins per month around the island. Pins only appear for a week or two then they disappear forever and will not return. Club Penguin has hidden over 250 pins since 2006. The first pin was the Shamrock pin which was hidden in the Coffee Shop in later March 2006.

Club Penguin Item Of The Day April 11th- Shamrock Pin

By Riyita

Hey Penguins! Today’s Item of the Day is the Shamrock Pin! This was the FIRST pin EVER to be hidden on the island. It was released on March 18th 2006. Here is what it looks like.   The Shamrock was hidden in the Coffee Shop. See it? This pin is a very rare item, not that many penguins have it. Did you know there was a secret message in the F.I.S.H referring to this pin? The message is…..”The first pin was the four leaf clover pin” Pretty interesting huh? What do you think of this item? Let us know in the comments! 😀 -Riyita