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Club Penguin

Club Penguin Space’s #FarewellCP Party Aftermath

I announced late January that I would be hosting my final Club Penguin party in March to say goodbye to the game that shaped millions of kid's childhoods. FarewellCP kicked off yesterday, and it was a big success! So many…
Club Penguin

A NEW Island Insider To Premiere Tomorrow!

It's been exactly one month since the sixth episode of Island Insider was relased. I asked Club Penguin when exactly the next one will come out, and they have confirmed that episode seven will indeed come out tomorrow. @RiyitaCP Tomorrow! 😊…
Club Penguin

Club Penguin Fact of the Day – 3/2

DID YOU KNOW? 11 years ago on this day, issue #20 of The Penguin Times was published. This newspaper talked all about how a brand new type of clothing piece would soon be available for Members. Shoes! On top of that…