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The Waddle

The Waddle Episode #1 – Welcome To The Podcast!

Welcome to The Waddle, Club Penguin Space's official podcast. Every two weeks or so most likely on a Saturday, a new episode will be released. I will be talking about a wide variety of topics including all things Club Penguin…
Club Penguin

Why Club Penguin Died

The winter wonderland known as Club Penguin officially had its plug pulled last week. After 11+ years of waddling around and meeting new friends, decorating igloos, adopting puffles, exploring parties, and meeting mascots. When Disney first announced back in January that…
Club Penguin

Club Penguin Has Officially Closed

Club Penguin officially shut down on Thursday. It wasn't until now however that they updated their website with a message thanking us for playing over all the years, and for us to check out the brand new game, Club Penguin…