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Herbert’s Website Has Been Updated!

By Riyita

We haven’t heard from that cold hearted polar bear in a long time… That is, until NOW! Herbert has updated his website! Let’s see… It looks like Herbert is in a secret cave. He is building something that looks like a robot crab… What do you think Herbert is up to? 😮 #1 Party Pooper We know you are indeed a party pooper Herbert… 😛 The question is, what party will he make an appearance at? 😮 Leave a comment below, and let me know what YOU think. -Riyita

Club Penguin Discussion 7/28: Could Herbert Be Hiding In The Mountain Cave?

By Riyita

Hey Everyone! This week’s Club Penguin Discussion is all about that mysterious Mountain Cave. Rumors started flying around the island that a Sasquatch lives there. Others say that this cave glows at night. Sasquatch is another term for Bigfoot. Herbert is a lot like Bigfoot if you think about it. He is a Polar Bear. Very tall and big… Who do I think is hiding there? Herbert. The last time we saw Herbert was back in November 2013, during Operation Puffle. Herbert was defeated and carried away by newly freed Puffles. After Herbert was carried away, we never heard from him, or seen him again. A few weeks after Operation Puffle, Herbert’s website was updated and this image was shown off. Notice anything mysterious about this picture? Klutzy is in the middle of the Forest and he is holding a map that leads to a secret hiding spot. Notice there are a ton of Mountains on the map, and it looks like the hiding spot is high up. I have even more evidence that Herbert could indeed be camping out in that Cave. Take a look at this caption from this’s months issue of the Club Penguin Magazine. Herbert P. Bear was […]

Herbert Coming Back To Club Penguin This Month? – New EPF Message 11/1 From Dot

By Riyita

Hey EPF Agents! Club Penguin has sent out another EPF Message. This one has Herbert mentioned in it. “Herbert – sized footprints have been reported in the wilds. We’ve sent Jet Pack Guy to investigate and will update you as soon as we have more information.” Hmm, I do think Herbert will definitely have something to do with Operation Puffle this month. What do you think? -Riyita  

Herbert’s Website Has Been Updated

By Riyita

Hey Penguins! Herbert’s website has been updated! He is telling us that we haven’t seen the last of him… :O Hmmm see the puffle note? There are question marks, and its pointing to a puffle. Maybe another new puffle? What do you think? -Riyita

Club Penguin Item Of The Day July 28th- EPF Badge Pin

By Riyita

Hey Penguins! Today’s item of the day is the EPF Badge Pin. This pin was released on May 31, 2011. The only way you could of got it was, defeating Herbert and his Hydra Bots, at the Battle of Doom. Did you know that there are other versions of this badge? They include, wood, ice, bronze, silver, and gold EPF badges. They are bait items however, and cannot be obtain. The penguin in the back of the badge looks like to be wearing the color Sensei Grey. What do you think of the EPF Badge Pin? Do you have a item you want featured as our item of the day? Leave a suggestion in the comments, and we may feature yours! 😀 -Riyita

Club Penguin Herbert Tracker 2013

By Riyita

Hey Penguins! The Star Wars Takeover Party has taken over the island, and Herbert has landed on Club Penguin. He is waddling around causing trouble on the island. Need help tracking him down? Use our 100% accurate tracker to help you! Press this button below for a 100% accurate location!    Got any questions? Just leave a comment below. Good luck, and Happy Tracking! 😀 -Riyita

Herbert’s Website Has Been Updated With New Star Wars Teaser

By Riyita

Hey Penguins! Herbert’s website has been UPDATED with a new Star Wars teaser. Check it out. Hmmmm. What do you think it means? -Riyita

Club Penguin Item Of The Day June 15 – Blackout Background


Hiya penguins! Today’s item of the day is the Blackout background! This item cost 60 coins and was available in the November 2012 Penguin Style during Operation:Blackout. In the upper left corner, you can see Herbert’s fortress. What do you think of the Blackout Background? Do you have a Club Penguin item you want featured as our item of the day? Leave us a comment with the item name and we may feature yours! -CPPromotorWE