Club Penguin

Herbert’s Website Has Been Updated!

We haven't heard from that cold hearted polar bear in a long time... That is, until NOW! Herbert has updated his website! Let's see... It looks like Herbert is in a secret cave. He is building something that looks like…
Club Penguin

Herbert’s Website Has Been Updated

Hey Penguins! Herbert's website has been updated! He is telling us that we haven't seen the last of him... :O Hmmm see the puffle note? There are question marks, and its pointing to a puffle. Maybe another new puffle? What…
Club Penguin

Club Penguin Herbert Tracker 2013

Hey Penguins! The Star Wars Takeover Party has taken over the island, and Herbert has landed on Club Penguin. He is waddling around causing trouble on the island. Need help tracking him down? Use our 100% accurate tracker to help…