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Club Penguin Fact Of The Day – 12/28

By Cw700

DID YOU KNOW? During the Coins For Change 2010 and the Holiday Party 2010, donated coins were delivered to the Lighthouse. The goal was to cover and fill up the entire Lighthouse and Beacon’s light with the donated coins, which eventually did occur. The grand total of donated coins was 12,261,193,800. Image credits to clubpenguin.wikia.com and to its user “Marbot Cp”

Club Penguin Fact Of The Day – 12/27

By Cw700

DID YOU KNOW? In the 2009 version of the Coins For Change background, the light blue penguin standing at your left is holding an item that looks very similar to Money Bag item. However, the Money Bag did not initially release until Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2012, which occurred more than three years later afterward. Image credits to clubpenguin.wikia.com

Club Penguin Holiday Party 2013 Cheats

By Riyita

Greetings Penguins! Club Penguin has FINALLY released one of the most anticipated parties of the year, the Holiday Party! This time, it has one key feature, which sounds really awesome to me. You can organize groups of trains and ride around the island, helping penguins of all kind. Lets take a look. When you first log in, Rockhopper will tell you all about the party. Happy Holidays, me hearties! Set sail, or should I say “rail”, for the Coins For Change Train Station. Ye can hop aboard a train, collect coins. and of course – Donate! That’s where all me treasure be goin’! Thanks Rockhopper! Okay, the first thing you should do is check out the map. It has been decorated to match the Holiday Party. Waddle on over to the Snow Forts, and go inside the Train Station. You can purchase Trains here and ride them to earn coins. When you are on the track, you can move around and throw snowballs to pop the balloons, and earn coins! When you are done, your results will be shown. Next, waddle on over to the Ski Lounge, and sit on the chair. You will get a Big Cozy Chair Background. There […]

Club Penguin’s Coins For Change 2013 Is On Now

By Riyita

Greetings Penguins! Club Penguin has just released Coins For Change 2013! This year is the best yet. You can now donate all your coins to different causes. The more you donate, the more causes that you can donate to will be unlocked. Take a look. When you first log in, notice the donation board. It tells you how many coins have been donated. There are donation stations all around the island. You can choose to donate as many coins as you wish. The more you donate, the more causes that you can donate to are unlocked. When you donate, you get your CFC 2013 Pin! Have fun donating, and remember, you can CHANGE THE WORLD! -Riyita

Club Penguin Fact Of The Day – 09/03

By CPPromotor

DID YOU KNOW? Every month, Club Penguin have a special original party or a takeover. The Holiday Party that includes Coins For Change is mandatory. Club Penguin had to change a few of their parties’ name due to different weather around the world,  because of religious reasons, or they felt it was a more suitable name. Club Penguin parties can last as long as 20 days or as short as 3!  

Club Penguin Fact Of The Day – 08/26

By CPPromotor

    DID YOU KNOW? Every year, Club Penguin holds a virtual charity called Coins For Change every since 2007. This charity allows penguins to donate their virtual coins to various places. Club Penguin will change the virtual coins into real money and send them to where the virtual coins were donated to. Coins For Change has earn over $14 000 000 000 since then.  

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