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Well, lets see… You may know me as Riyita. I am a HUGE Club Penguin fan. I have been playing Club Penguin since July 2007, and I started blogging in 2011. I own this blog.

You may be wondering why I named it Club Penguin Space. Well, I have a huge interest in outer space. Me and a friend have a telescope that we use, and when it’s really clear out, you can see a everything. We saw the moon one time really close up… You could see the craters and everything.

I try my hardest to make Club Penguin Space stand out from the other Club Penguin Blogs. I post a NEW Club Penguin Fact every day, I have Club Penguin discussions every once in awhile, exclusive posts, and so much more! I really hope you like CP Space, and read the blog daily. There is always something new see!

Some facts about me… My favorite season is Winter. I prefer Winter over Summer for a lot of reasons, but one main one is snow. It is interesting how snow works. Did you know that not ONE snowflake is alike? They are all different, and have all different shapes, designs, and sizes. My favorite food is fruit. I stay away from processed food, especially soda. In my spare time, I love blogging, exploring new things, writing stories, and I’m trying to get into video production.

If you want to say hi, you can find me on Club Penguin, Twitter, or you can send me an email.

Click here to view my Twitter.

You can email me at riyitacp@gmail.com

Waddle on! 😀

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