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Dojo And New Mascots In Club Penguin Island Confirmed?!

As some of you penguins may know, Megg threw together one of the last Club Penguin community parties before classic Club Penguin sadly got shut down at 12:01 AM, on March 30th, 2017. I was able to attend one of her parties, and got tons of information to share with you guys. Check it out!

During one of her parties, I was able to ask Megg a question that everyone is wondering about. Will some of the CP Classic Mascots return to CPI, such as Cadence and Sensei?

Megg thankfully answered that question and she said “Yes!” This is honestly great news, I wonder how Sensei will look like, and maybe Cadence looks more like a Dubstep DJ compared to how to she looked like in Classic CP.

Second, Megg asked the community during the party, if they wanted some hints for some new features coming to CPI This year! The first thing she said, was that “Some things may be cliffhangers, and some could lead to Mountains.” Mountains? Why mountains…? Also, cliff hangers? This could lead to one big thing. Will the Dojo be coming back on Club Penguin Island? Sensei was already confirmed by Megg, so why not the Card-Jitsu Dojo? Also, if it does come, Card-Jitsu will be one of the first ever mini games on CPI.

Notice that Megg hints various different things that all lead to a Mountain.

The third and last important hint Megg teased was that she said to the community, that there will be “New Faces” on CPI! New Mascots confirmed? Can’t wait to find out. Maybe she is talking about what looks to be like Rory, in the middle, to the right of the normal Penguin. Rory was seen many times on the Island, including in PSA missions. It will be interesting to see how he now has a big part as to being a CPI Mascot.

I honestly can’t wait for more new features that are coming to CPI. Let’s not forget that also Gary and Dot will be coming in this month’s update, as well as Jet Pack Guy and Rookie coming in May. This is going to be an exciting year!

Are you excited to see that the Dojo and New Penguins possibly coming to CPI This month? Leave your comments down below. Until next time, Ham On!


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