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Club Penguin Staff Members Talk About Their Favorite Memories

Club Penguin will be closing this month. Everyone is preparing to say goodbye to the 11 year old virtual world, including the team behind it. They have created a video in which they talk about some of their most fond memories they have with the game.

This is part one of a two part series. The second video will be coming out later this month.

It was really neat hearing what the team members had to say. Quite interesting how the older staff like Chris & Gord had memories of older events like the April Fools Party in 2008!

Who did YOU enjoy hearing from the most?

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1 Comment on "Club Penguin Staff Members Talk About Their Favorite Memories"

8 months 15 days ago

“The thing I’m looking the most for CPI is the reactions we’re gonna get for some of the new stuff we’re building”

Like seriously, what kind of reaction are you looking for? You release nothing to non-members, which is just gonna make players mad and angry.
The membership is overpriced, and everything is wrong with the new app so far.

I’m now really intriqued to see what’s coming… Let’s just hope it’s going to turn out fine.