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Club Penguin Space Interviews Spike Hike – Why He Left, Information On Project Super Secret, And More!


Spike Hike has officially left Disney as of last week. He will be starting a brand new adventure at NBC in the upcoming days. I was lucky enough to catch him for one more interview, and Spike generously took the time to answer seven questions. These inquiries include topics such as why he left, information on Project Super Secret, and much more.

Enjoy! 😀

 Q1: Your departure was a shock to us all. Why did you decide to leave Disney?

Spike Hike – I’ve been a Disney for 14 wonderful years and at some point you have to move on. It was important to me to make sure CP was taken care of and I think PSS is in great shape and you will see the beta very soon. An opportunity came along to work with some friends on something new. I’m sure you will hear about it soon. But no drama – I love Disney and CP!

Q2: You first spoke of the new game back in 2013 as “CPNext”. Was the direction of the new game changed a few times? It seems like there was something made, but then it was scraped? Any insight on what happened, or how long it has been in development?

Spike Hike – Yes we changed direction. The tech behind CP Next was just too complicated but also it is welded to old school Flash CP which is over a decade old and just way out of date now. At some point, we realized we needed to make a new, modern CP on new tech and that trying to maintain backwards compatibility was holding us back from making the best product we could. There are also lots of weird things in the design of what we call “CP Classic” that are a consequence of 2d and Flash. Like all those hub rooms. You don’t need them and not many people go to them, but you have go have them to get around because of the 2d design.

Q3: A lot of players are concerned over the platforms of the new game. As plans are right now, is it for mobile only? Unity is designed for cross platform as far as I know.

Spike Hike – It’s Unity so it can technically go anywhere. Even console. I would like to see that! But it’s going to start on mobile and make it popular there first.

Q4: Was the classic CP, and its features considered when making this new game? CP was always about exploring, and chatting, discovering secrets, etc.

Spike Hike – I know people are worried about the change but let me just tell you – Lane and I have talked for years about “what if we start over”. And what we always wanted to do was do something really social and much more in the spirit of CP than ever before. And that’s what PSS is. I was very involved in the kick off and I always kept Lane in the loop but we both took the constraints off the team and said “make CP for today and tomorrow”. I think once people accept that this is different but different better they are going to love it! Yes the essence of CP is the same. Even more so. Chatting, discovery, secrets are all the core. Don’t expect a lot of single player games though. This is really social and community based.

Q5: Were there any other big plans for the Flash version of CP, but couldn’t get pushed out due to restrictions?

Spike Hike – You would be shocked if you looked at all the designs and prototypes for great ideas we wanted to do but couldn’t do in Classic. And it probably takes half the team’s time keeping it safe and secure. We needed a new start technically.

Q6: Will there be parties, and other IP’s like Card Jitsu and EPF? I would imagine it would take double the work making monthly parties in 3D.

Spike Hike – Yes, but it will be different.

Q7: I remember years ago you talked about this huge 3D revamp of Card Jitsu. Was that ported over to the new game?

Spike Hike – Sigh. We did almost all the animations and it looked amazing but it was tied to cp next so it sort of got shelved. Then they changed the penguin 3D model for PSS so so we couldn’t reuse the animations. Too bad. We had such plans! I hope they get back to them one day. But right now they gotta focus on PSS.

There you have it! We now know that the new Club Penguin is based on social and community gameplay rather than single player experiences. We also know that the new game will still be intact with what the orginal Club Penguin was. Exploring, chatting, secrets, etc. We also know that parties, Card Jitsu, AND the EPF will all be in the new game. Finally, we were told that the original “CPNext” was ditched and the team started over.

I would like to thank Spike Hike for taking the time out of his day for answering these questions. 🙂

Are YOU a little more excited about Project: Super Secret now? How do you think parties will be incorporated into the new game? Leave a comment below, and let me know!


Article written by Riyita

Hi! My name is Riyita and I own this website. It all started with my interest for outer space. I decided to combine two interests of mine into one being outer space and Club Penguin and thous, Club Penguin Space was born. I hope you enjoy your time reading our articles and let me know if there's anything I can do to improve your time on the site. :)

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13 Comments on "Club Penguin Space Interviews Spike Hike – Why He Left, Information On Project Super Secret, And More!"

11 months 6 days ago

ok spike you mess up cp and then just leave, if this pss isn’t good then just wow. All those years for nothing

Yehaw 2
11 months 9 days ago

Yo Riyita, it’s Yehaw 2, I’m excited for this new update!

Yehaw 2
11 months 7 days ago

Well, PSS is a Disney thing but that doesn’t mean it won’t be awesome and cool

11 months 11 days ago

Oh nevermind didn’t realize he joined NBC

11 months 11 days ago

Was it his decision to leave or do you think he was asked to?

11 months 11 days ago

Pretty good discussion, Riyita. Spike’s departure was pretty sudden and out of left field, so it’s nice to see some questions regarding his departure, as well as a few more details on PSS. Sad to see that Spike couldn’t make a new version of CP and keep backwards compatibility intact. A real shame, but I suppose it couldn’t be helped. Maybe PSS could be the next best thing. It looks pretty solid so far, but I don’t know if I can praise it without playing it first. Still, I hope it has a solid release and an equally solid port to web and possibly console.

Also, wish you could’ve asked a few more questions, Riyita. I would’ve loved to hear more questions regarding Spike and how things are with Billybob and what he thinks of the project.

An Angry 2009 Penguin
11 months 11 days ago

I see! CPNEXT is no more. So is the Card-Jitsu reboot. So will be the new Migrator design, and Rockhopper’s new book. …truly sad.

What I got from the interview is THIS:

1) Lazy, rushed and copied content was made to develop the new game faster. We won’t see new stamps anymore. Bugs won’t be fixed. This is all because the team is focusing only on PSS. For this reason, the current game has become a mess.

2) The team wanted to start over again. This, sometimes, is a truly good thing to do. Hopefully the team will do its best to bring the game to its glory again.

3) The game uses Unity, it can be anywhere! This means they can release a PC version too!

But what about the future for Club Penguin? Not the current one, the new one.

The new club penguin!

Will it have storyline connections to the now-current CP? For example, will we ever see Herbert? Will he remember what he did to the PSA back in 2010? Will Gary remember how he made the island float in the Festival of Flight? Will Rockhopper remember when the Migrator crashed with an iceberg back in 2008? Heck, will we be able to read the old yearbooks? OR MAYBE, just maybe, everything that has happened in the past game, never happened in the new one. And since this is primarily a mobile game, I doubt it will have storyline elements. This would make me angry.

But then again, I’m not the game’s target anymore. And arguing won’t bring back the old times. It will be hard to accept this. And eventually I will do.

Sorry for this large wall of text.

zoom zoom103
11 months 12 days ago

Oh why does everything have to be “social” what if some of us want to do some things by ourselves? 🙁 But at least now the project doesn’t sound like a HUGE disaster (but it still does not sounds like they are making Club Penguin 2.0 but instead a whole new game with penguins) It is still very concerning

11 months 12 days ago

Please don’t be biased in the poll text