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Club Penguin Island: Unreleased Clothing Blueprints

Club Penguin Island is full of brand new clothing blueprints which are used to design clothes in the Clothing Designer. As of right now, there are about 160 blueprints in the game. Club Penguin has told us that many more blueprints will soon be coming as well. In the meantime, I have found a few unreleased blueprints that aren’t in the game as of yet. Check them out.

These look really cool! My favorites would have to be the fish necklace, press hat, and the wet suit. These blueprints will probably be added to the game in an update when Club Penguin Island releases worldwide in March.

Leave a comment below and let me know which blueprints are YOUR favorites. 🙂

Article written by Riyita

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3 Comments on "Club Penguin Island: Unreleased Clothing Blueprints"

9 months 24 days ago

They look neat, but it’s sad that non-members won’t even be able to wear them..

I just wanna know what happened to CP in 2016. I can’t even believe that they only released ONE clothing item for non-members the whole year which was the 11th party hat…
It’s just sad if you ask me.

Hopefully, they’ll change their minds

9 months 24 days ago

Riyita you should add to the post that the second one is a blueprint of an existing item in Flash CP. The second blueprint on the top is “The Side Swept” its the wig my penguin wears all the time.