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Club Penguin Island Set To Launch EARLY March!

During a meetup with Megg, she told everyone that the team is working on launching Club Penguin Island in EARLY March! If they pull through, that would mean that we will be seeing Club Penguin Island launch WORLDWIDE in just a few weeks!

I was expecting it to launch towards the end of March. It’s great to know that they have it set for early March. I didn’t think it would feel right if classic Club Penguin closed and then CP Island launched a day later or something like that.

We are almost there! Are YOU looking forward to playing Club Penguin Island?

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3 Comments on "Club Penguin Island Set To Launch EARLY March!"

9 months 4 days ago

They won’t release. Not to be rude, but when was the last time they actually did something at the right time they promised to do it? It always gets delayed. I think it’s only going to be released when CP ends 😛

9 months 5 days ago

Nice That’s Good

9 months 6 days ago

Merry walrus for last day