Club Penguin Island is a great place to play games and to make new friends! It’s like this because all players need to keep the environment clean by following the top 4 rules. They are simple but extremely important when applying to the game of Club Penguin Island.


  1. RESPECT OTHERS. This means that bullying or any kind of harassment is not allowed. Treat other players the way you want to be treated. If you do not follow this rule, you can be reported by a penguin in the same room or a Club Penguin moderator can check your chat history and ban your penguin. You can either be banned for a few days or permanently. 
  2. NO BAD WORDS. This refers to inappropriate words or sentence used. This includes talking about racism, talking about drugs, sex, alcohol, and swearing to other penguins. This is also called “Verbal Bullying”. The second you enter an inappropriate sentence, your penguins will be kicked out of the server and will be banned. The time period your ban will last depends on the situation.
  3. STAY SAFE ONLINE. It’s always the best to be smart and not share any personal information online to any players. This includes sharing your real name, your phone number, your home address, your email address, etc….. Also, never reveal your penguin’s password to anyone! If someone knows, they will have the access and power to your penguin. Revealing any private information can result in ban. The time period your ban will last depends on the situation.
  4. NO CHEATING. Some people get confused on this one.  By no cheating, Club Penguin means using 3rd party programs (money maker, item adder, etc…) to your penguin. It’s easy for the Club Penguin team to track what you added to your inventory.


  1. How long will my ban last? When you try logging in to your account after getting banned, an orange notice will pop up and tell you how long your ban will last for until your ban is off.
  2. When do I know my penguin will almost be banned permanently? You will have to banned 3 times before your penguin will be permanently banned. You will be banned 24 hours (1 day), then 48 hours (2 days), then 72 hours (3 days), and finally, permanently.
  3. How do I get unbanned? Not many penguins was able to get their penguins unbanned. But for the penguins who did, they had to ask their parents to call the Club Penguin team and ask to get their penguins unbanned.
  4. How do I report a penguin? If you see any penguin(s) breaking the rules, you can report them to the Club Penguin team by clicking the penguin to view their player card. Then, on the right of the options, there will be a yellow badge with an uppercase “M” in it. Follow the steps from there

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  1. Jackson Schultz Reply

    My penguin was banned and it stated only banned or suspended account so how long am I banned for

  2. Ella Reply

    Today I got banned anyone know how long for

  3. An Reply

    Does somebody has or knows the conplete list of forbidden words that Club Penguin censors?

  4. Yehaw Reply

    Like two or three days ago I got banned for no reason.

    • Joey Reply

      Same man

    • Annie Reply

      I got banned too for no reason! Somebody was talking about some rude stuff and I kept on asking them to stop it. I didn’t say or do anything bad!

  5. Yehaw Reply

    Like two or three days ago I got banned for no reason

  6. Jake56422 Reply

    I was literally, no joke, just saying “we need more penguins”, because I was trying to get the community quest done, and then it banned me

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