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Club Penguin Island – Nighttime Coming Soon!?

In Club Penguin Island’s newest video in which they showed us 7 new things coming soon to the game, we see at number six a sneak peek at the Earth Day events which will be included in this month’s update. Decorations are scattered across Beacon Boardwalk. It looks very nice. However, as the video progresses to the next update, we can see a very quick glimpse at what appears to be the Beacon Boardwalk at NIGHTTIME!

What’s convincing about this picture to be are how the lights near the platform have a glow to them, alongside the lanterns near the entrance to Coconut Cove, and the seashells have a slight glow. This is very exciting to me. I have always wanted the island to have a day/night cycle for many years. It adds a sense of realism to the game, and opens the door for tons of new gameplay opportunities!

Flippers crossed that nighttime is INDEED coming in this month’s updates! 🙂

Do YOU think this is a real picture of Beacon Boardwalk at night?

Article written by Riyita

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3 Comments on "Club Penguin Island – Nighttime Coming Soon!?"

8 months 2 days ago

I’m guessing this is just a video effect like Lisured said. A nighttime wouldn’t make the island look very good without the light. Adding a nighttime would be something that would likely be added later on as the cpi team has to deal with more urgent things like now like the lack of content.

8 months 2 days ago

I think this is just a fade out effect before the next segment, which uses distorted camera look heavily. Notice that the lights you mention are also visible in the daylight.

8 months 2 days ago

I don’t think nighttime will come, sorry. This could put people off playing. If you’re a new player you wouldn’t know why the game is so dark. Fair enough there will be a clock soon, but still, new players wouldn’t know about CP’s timezone.