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Club Penguin Island May Update – Sled Racing, Hit The Targets, Coffee, And More!

Club Penguin has just uploaded the eighth episode of Island Insider. In this week’s episode, Megg gave us a look at a bunch of new updates soon to come to Club Penguin Island. Towards the end of the episode, we got a very quick look at some content coming to the game in May. When I say very quick, I mean less than half a second each for each sneak peek. 😛

Starting from the top left is a sketch of a unicorn costume, to the right are some brand new Sled Racing emojis! My favorite is the mountain. Second row to the left is a coffee machine, which I wonder if it will be a furniture item? Next is either the starting gate of the brand new Sled Racing mini-game! It’s equipped with loudspeakers, a screen, and a starting light.


I cannot WAIT to play the Sled Racing game. I truly hope it is similar to the short lived Sled Racer app we saw back in 2014. I loved how it functioned, and to have a mutiplayer version of it would be wicked.

Leave a comment below and let me know what May update YOU are most looking forward to. 🙂

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5 Comments on "Club Penguin Island May Update – Sled Racing, Hit The Targets, Coffee, And More!"

8 months 10 days ago

Will all players be able to play Sled Racing? Or is it only available for members?

8 months 10 days ago

You forgot to talk about possibly JPG and Rookie coming to CPI in May, because of the emojis 😉

zoom zoom103
8 months 9 days ago

The mountain emoji looks like Marshmallow from Frozen, but I’m looking forward to this