Fishing is an activity in Club Penguin Island where you can earn a bunch of coins. There are a bunch of different varieties of fish to be collected. As of right now however, you can only earn coins by Fishing. To get started, head on over to the dock at the Beacon Boardwalk near the Migrator.

Cast your line into the water.

Fishing is easy as pie. All you have to do is wait for a fish shadow to hover over your bobber. When it happens, click on the orange button near the bottom right a bunch of times.

And that’s it! You can catch many species of fish, and even some random objects thrown into the mix…

Here’s a chart of all the Fish in the game as of right now, and their coin value.

  • Trapper – 45 coins
  • Antique Anchor – 35 coins
  • Squid – 20 coins
  • Tusked Mullet – 20 coins
  • Sabertooth Fluffy – 15 coins
  • Tropical Fluffy – 12 coins
  • Clown Fluffy – 8 coins
  • Mullet – 6 coins
  • Oyster – 6 coins
  • Silver Fluffy – 6 coins
  • Sea Cactus  5 coins
  • Sockeye Mullet 5 coins
  • Fluffy 4 coins
  • Greenfin Mullet 4 coins
  • Speckled Mullet 4 coins
  • Guppy Fluffy 2 coins
  • Guppy Mullet 2 coins