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Club Penguin Island Fact of the Day – 4/5


Disney wanted to bring some references from the old Club Penguin into the new rebooted game, Club Penguin Island. Players had the chance to pre-register a few months before the game went live. In return for doing so, they were given the notorious Beta Hat that Club Penguin was so well known for. However, it wasn’t ever given to you in a form of a blueprint, but rather a complete item. The picture you see above is that unreleased blueprint. It seemed like they had planned for you to be able to customize it. That idea was scrapped later on.

The blueprint description read, “Let’s just say it. Wear this and you’ve arrived.”

Did YOU ever attend one of Club Penguin’s April Fools Party? The last one to be held was in 2012.

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8 months 6 days ago

I attended most of them. My favourites were the two with the dimensions. My favourite dimensions were the Cream Soda, Stairs and Doodle ones.