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Club Penguin Island Episode #9 – NEW Snowy Themed Area Coming Soon?!

CLUB PENGUIN ISLAND is a completely new game, full of brand NEW adventures. Set sail on the Migrator, dive for sunken treasure, have a dance contest with your friend, and so much more.

In the ninth episode, we discover a brand new snowy themed area coming to Club Penguin Island in May. We check out all it has to offer like the sled racing mini-game, snowball targets, a brand new type of collectible, and more.

Brand NEW Area Coming In May!

Pretty “cool” area if you ask me, eh? I love how vast and open it is. This is my favorite world so far and I cannot wait to fully see how everything works when it comes out. 🙂

Be sure to leave a comment below and let me know what YOUR favorite part of this area is.

Article written by Riyita

Hi! My name is Riyita and I own this website. It all started with my interest for outer space. I decided to combine two interests of mine into one being outer space and Club Penguin and thous, Club Penguin Space was born. I hope you enjoy your time reading our articles and let me know if there's anything I can do to improve your time on the site. :)

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4 Comments on "Club Penguin Island Episode #9 – NEW Snowy Themed Area Coming Soon?!"

7 months 27 days ago

Wow just another classic CP feature that will be member only. First wearing clothes, now sled racing?!?! This is so outrageous and disappointing.

7 months 28 days ago

Wow! How’d you get there?

7 months 11 days ago

what’s your friends name so i can add him in case he goes back?