The Clothing Designer is an essential part of Club Penguin Island. This is the area where you will customize and design all of your clothing! Unlike in Club Penguin where you would collect items that were already colored and designed, you actually get to design YOUR very own clothing! From firework aliens to an alligator to retro hoodies and hot pink bunny slippers, anything you can imagine is at your fingertips with the new Clothing Designer.

You start by picking a blueprint from a designated category. There are blueprints for Bottoms, Shoes, Hats, Body Costumes, and more. You then start customizing it with fabrics and decals! Each blueprint has several spots where you can put different fabrics. Drag them all around to see where they can be placed.

You can also rotate your penguin with the blue button with the arrows on the right, and zoom the fabric or decal in or out with the slider on the left.

The combinations are endless! Let me know which blueprint is your favorite. 😀