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Club Penguin Island April Update – Gary, World Map, Clothing Store, And More!

Club Penguin has just uploaded the eighth episode of Island Insider. In this week’s episode, Megg gave us a look at a bunch of new updates soon to come to Club Penguin Island. From the second chapter of Aunt Arctic’s Adventures, to a brand new world map. I have broken it all up for you in this article.

We get a look at Gary the Gadget Guy’s apperance in Club Penguin Island. Personally, I don’t like how he looks. He is too skinny and I’m not a fan of his hairstyle. The updated world map is in the middle which looks great! We even get a glimpse at the new Sled Racing area. The last image is a phone which will store your Daily Challenges, and settings.


One of the more exciting parts of the April update is the Style Challenges and Clothing Store!

I think it’s super cool that we will be able to design clothing based on a set look, and then have people buy your creations and earn coins! This is a great way to make the game feel more impressive in my opinion. Dot also returns!

Fashion Frenzy!

We got more details on the Earth Day event that will be coming in April. I was happy to hear that there will be an item for members, AND free players. I don’t know about you, but I am really digging that Rockhopper penguin hat. 😛

Earth Day!

Last but not least, Megg told us that the current level cap of 12 will be extended! We don’t know how many additional levels will be added, but we got a look at what rewards are given to you upon reaching level 13.


I am glad Club Penguin uploaded this video today. There is so much coming to Club Penguin Island, and I cannot wait to check everything out. Personally, I am most looking forward to the Clothing Store and the second set of Aunt Arctic adventures. I can’t wait to see how Herbert looks in the new game. 🙂

Leave a comment below and let me know what update YOU are most looking forward to.

Article written by Riyita

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5 Comments on "Club Penguin Island April Update – Gary, World Map, Clothing Store, And More!"

8 months 10 days ago

Gary looks like he’s on drugs.

8 months 10 days ago

I really like the idea of making your own clothing and selling it to other players. I have one question though, are members only able to buy the personalized clothes other players make, or is every player able to buy them too?

zoom zoom103
8 months 9 days ago

WHAT IN THE FREAKING HECK HAVE THEY DONE TO GARY? He looks so stupid and his voice is so freaking dumb, well I guess this is the official death of Aunt Artic X Gary.

I do like the fashion update though, but what is wrong with Dot’s hair? She looks like she is wearing a bra on her head!

8 months 9 days ago

don’t forget the radio disney event megg said about