The list below contains some of the most unknown, wackiest, fascinating, and mind blowing, Club Penguin Facts known to penguin kind. The list comes from the Club Penguin Fact’s Twitter account, @OfficialCPFacts.

  • Spike Hike was once the lead for making Disney Toys.
  • Club Penguin’s Website is mostly PHP based.
  • Club Penguin once had a Puffle Beanbag Chair for sale in stores. Not many penguins knew about it.
  • Club Penguin’s Tour Guide used to be located at the Plaza.
  • Club Penguin’s big smiley emote had to be changed in 2007, because it resembled Yahoo’s messenger smiley emote to much.
  • All of Club Penguin’s items are modeled and shaped in a 3D Program?
  • If you are on a fast computer, and Club Penguin is running slow, it actually isn’t CP which is acting slow. It is Flash itself.
  • Club Penguin has about 100 Software Engineers, (Programmers) who bring the world of Club Penguin to life.
  • Most of the Club Penguin Art Team uses a device called the “Cintiq” to create most of all the artwork on the island.
  • A Club Penguin staff member is in a death metal band.?
  • In the year 2011, Club Penguin’s domain expired.

Want even more Club Penguin Facts? Make sure to follow the official Club Penguin Fact’s Twitter account, by clicking here.


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