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Club Penguin Discussion: Has CP Been Working On The New Mini Game For Awhile?

Hey Penguins!

This week’s Club Penguin Discussion is all about that new Mini Game that will be coming out next month. As you may know, Club Penguin has hinted that it will be a music related mini game. I have some news that may give us a hint about what type of “music” mini game it is.

A few years ago, Club Penguin started to work on a mini game called Sound Energy. In Sound Energy, the player is given a instrument to tune.


The player must tune the instrument in two minutes. When you first start, you will be given a reference tone. The player must pick up the guitar’s tuning peg and pluck the strings to make sound. The sound waves are displayed on the screen in the back. When the player decides that the tuning matches up with the given example, you will then press the “Perform” button.


After you press the button, your penguin will go on stage. If you tuned the instrument correctly, your penguin will start to perform the song. If you messed up, only crickets will be heard.


That’s all I know about the mini game Sound Energy. The game was made into a prototype a few years ago. Remember, the game at the time was not complete. Could this be the new mini game Club Penguin plans to release with the Music Jam next month?

What do you think?

Leave your thoughts below, and while we wait for Club Penguin to give us more news on the mini game, you can always go to the Lighthouse and perform there. 🙂


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