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Club Penguin Discussion 9/8: Could Herbert Be Heading To His Old Lair?

Hey Everyone!

This week’s Club Penguin Discussion is all about Herbert. There has been a ton of rumors going around about Herbert recently. The last time we saw Herbert was during Operation Puffle. Herbert was carried away by Puffles into the wild.


We don’t know where Herbert is, or what he may be doing. We DO have some clues though. Take a look.

Herbert has an old lair deep within the wild. Perhaps he has gone there?

Herbert's Old Lair

This does look a lot like the mountain at the top of the Ski Hill…

2014-09-07 11_13_52-Play Now! _ Club Penguin

Klutzy is currently in the wild. Jet Pack Guy has reported that he SAW him. Klutzy is definitely heading somewhere.

2014-09-04 16_53_51-Play Now! _ Club Penguin

The map Kulzy is holding has a ton of mountains on it. Some look higher up than others.


Another possible theory is that Herbert could possibility be teaming up with someone. After all, there is more than one villain on the island…  TUSK! After defeating Tusk, he vanished. We do not know where he went, but perhaps he went to this mountain cave to team up with Herbert?

Take a look at this Card Jitsu video of Tusk being defeated.

After Tusk knew he was done, he vanished. He said he has more power than all of us…

Club Penguin has been putting Herbert in our face a TON recently. Herbert was featured in the CP Times a few weeks ago.

2014-09-07 11_39_03-Play Now! _ Club Penguin

Herbert was also featured in last month’s issue of the Club Penguin Magazine.

photo 1 (4)

It all makes sense. Herbert has an old lair deep within the wild. If he has gone there, I would only imagine what he may be working on…

Do YOU think Herbert is teaming up with Tusk to bring chaos to the island? Or do you even think Herbert is heading to his old lair?

Make sure to leave a comment below and let me know what YOUR theory is. 😀


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4 Comments on "Club Penguin Discussion 9/8: Could Herbert Be Heading To His Old Lair?"

3 years 1 month ago

They are DEFINETLY planning something for November…

3 years 1 month ago

i think that just because Herbert has more power with tusk doesn’t mean the three elements of card-jitsu, epf and all the CP citizens cant defeat him. we’ve done it before, we can do it again. Also, when EPF defeats Herbert, why don’t they ever imprison him?

3 years 2 months ago

These are great points My fantasy is that Herbert will team up in a threesome with Sasquathc and Tusk and form the Arctic Alliance and shut down the EPF and take over forever and no more parties ever just the AA running the country.

3 years 1 month ago

Hey guys if you nominate Connoryez12 i will give you people the beta hat jut say your username and password