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Club Penguin Discussion 6/14: What Would Be Your DREAM Party?

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Club Penguin is known for its Parties. Every month, a different party is thrown. There have been many, many different types of parties from Music Jams, to wacky April Fools Parties, and even story driven secret agent operations. However, not everyone enjoys every one. My question for you today is, What would be your DREAM party?

If I could design a party of my own, I would go with an operation that was built around story. Why? Story makes everything interesting! It adds depth, and character to a party.

I present to you…

Operation Detonation

This operation would star our favorite villain, Herbert!

Before I get into the main story, you’re going to need to know the backends.

  • The Hypnotizer Spray and rocket was originally going to be used to convert Herbert from being an evil, cold-hearted, selfish polar bear, to a kind, and friendly one. The Director had plans for EPF agents to find out where Herbert was, and launch the rocket into his lair. The rocket would go off, hence releasing the spray.

  • Herbert ultimately gets his paws on the blueprints and makes the Hypnotizer Spray into his own. Anyone who is exposed to it, will become loyal to Herbert, and do anything and everything he just so happens to have his mind set on.
  • The PatrolBot 3000 was originally an invention in which EPF Agents would patrol the outskirts of Club Penguin and be on watch for any suspicious activity. It’s loaded with lasers, plasma weapons, and armor. Our polar bear designs his own mock up… the DestructoBot 9001.

After being isolated from the island for months, undercover EPF Agents spot Herbert inside a mountain cave. The agents can’t exactly pinpoint what he is doing, but after a few minutes of carefully shuffling around Herbert, they find a crumbled up piece of paper which has a picture of a rocket on it, a big scary robot, and penguins who look as if they are helping Herbert. Uponing bring their findings to The Director, she calls Gary in and asks if he has seen anything like the described rocket, and Gary shakes his head. He says, “That looks just like the one I was working on.” The Director decides to send Dot, Jet Pack Guy, Rookie, and a few other agents to venture out into the mountains and stop Herbert from building it. Unfortunately, he kidnaps the agents and uses the Hypnotizer Spray on them. It is now up to the player to stop Herbert from launching his hypnotizer rocket and save the entire island from becoming his slaves!

Herbert HAHAH

On the first day of the party, we would receive a message from The Director telling us to report to Gary at his secret base. His base would be under the Cave. Once there, Gary would tell us all about the PatrolBot 3000, and the Hypnotizer Spray. Gary would also tell us how to defeat the DestructoBot 9001, and defuse the rocket. To defeat Herbert and the DestructoBot, the player would have to unleash the frozen fish that is inside the mountain. Herbert is allergic to fish, so when he comes in contact with it, he passes out. To defuse the rocket, players would have to play a short mini game in which you disconnect a few wires.


After getting orders from Gary, the player travels into the mountains. When they arrive, there would be several rooms to go into. Each day, a new room with a puzzle would open. As the player goes through the puzzles, they will earn a key. To get inside Herbert’s Lair you need all 7 keys.

Once you collect all 7, the player will go into the Lair to find Herbert getting ready to launch the rocket. Dialog would be shown.

Herbert talking to himself: “At last, all this hiding and planning has payed off. I will soon be the Dictator of thousands of penguin slaves working under MY command. I will be victorious! After all, I am Herbert P…. Kulzy! Why has the door opened?

Upon spotting you, he will get into his DestructoBot 9001. To defeat the DestructoBot, you must do what Gary told you to do. Find where the frozen fish are and let them loose. In this case, there would be a red X on the ceiling. But it’s covered with icicles. To make the icicles fall, you have to throw snowballs at them. But first you have to take out the DestructoBot’s lasers, and the plasma weapon. To do so, you must throw snowballs at the cracked spots.

Herbert can also attack. His DestructoBot can shoot neon plasma balls, fire out razor hot lasers, and unleash a dreadful hypnotizer spray. Once you hit Herbert a few times, he will get dizzy. You would then throw snowballs at the icicles. The icicles would hit Herbert and stun him. After you hit all the icicles, the red X would show. After a few seconds though, Herbert will get up and resume shooting you.

herbert full of himself

You must avoid all his attacks and finally hit the red x three times to break it open. Once you do, all the frozen fish will fall on Herbert and since he is allergic to fish, he will pass out. The DestructoBot will also be unusable as you have damaged it during the battle. You only have 5 hearts so if you get hit 5 times, it’s game over. After you knock out Herbert, you must defuse the rocket by playing a mini game where you would have to cancel out the timer by rearranging some wires. After you do so, an epic video would show the DestructoBot fusing out, the rocket being defused, and a bunch of EPF Agents come to the mountain and find out why there is so much smoke emitting from it. (The smoke is from the rocket getting ready to launch.) You would earn a certificate from The Director for saving every penguin and defeating Herbert.


During the first week of the party, players would have to set Dot, Rookie, Jet Pack Guy, and the other four unnamed EPF Agents, free of Herbert’s trance. He has them locked up in different rooms inside the Mountain.

Each day, players would have to go into the different rooms and complete a (hard) puzzle to free each agent.

Since there are 7 keys, there will be a new activity each day up until the second week of the party. There are 7 EPF agents. (3 known ones and 4 unnamed ones) After you complete the puzzle, the agent will give you a key to Herbert’s Lair.

Day 1 Puzzle:

On the first day, the player would go see Dot. She is in Klutzy’s room doing tasks for him. You will have to hit Dot in the head with an Anvil. There would be different objects in the room and when clicked, the object will move. The player would have to find a way to connect all the objects and make the anvil fall onto Dot.

Day 2 Puzzle:

Jet Pack Guy is in the Library reading some books about global warming. (I wonder who inspired him to read about that). To snap him out of the trance and get the second key, you must find the book about the EPF and give it to him. He will then snap out of the trance and give you the second key.

Day 3 Puzzle:

Rookie is in the Closet. He is wearing a Black Propeller Hat. To snap him out of the trance, the player must throw snowballs at the red target on the wall. When the first target is hit, other targets with different color propeller hats will appear. You must hit the target with the Red Propeller Hat since Rookie wears that one. The targets would be moving, so it can get tricky to hit them. After you do so, Rookie will realize he wears a red one and snap out of the trance. HOWEVER, before he gives you the third key, the hypnosis goes into full gear, and takes back control. Rookie will want to destroy you. In order to bring him back to reality, the player will have to go back into Kultzy’s room and pick up a rock. Rookie will remember his own pet rock, and finally snap out of it for good. You would then receive the third key.

Day 4 Puzzle:

The fourth key would be hidden in the Museum. One EPF agent is dusting all of Herbert’s prize possessions. To get him out of the trance, you would finish dusting for him. (There would be a mop in the corner and the player would click on the mop and dust everything). Once you do that, the agent will snap out of the trance. Unfortunately, he has misplaced the key, and only remembers the color. He’ll freak out on the spot, and ditch you. In order to find the key, you’re going to have to scavenge around the room. (Just like good old pin hunting in 2006!)

Day 5 Puzzle:

The fifth key would be hidden in the Planning Room. All of Herbert’s failed plans are stored here. A captured EPF Agent is sorting all of what he calls “ingenious fails”. To get the fifth key, the player must play Simon Says. The agent will show off some moves, (throwing a snowball, emoting, dancing, waving, etc) and the player would have to copy it. After you do so, the agent would snap out of the trance and give you the fifth key.

Day 6 Puzzle:

The sixth key would be in the Dining Room. The player would have to feed the agent their desired meal. (The agent would show what meal they want). However, you would have to actually whip up the meal. You would go to the Pizza Parlor back home, and gather ingredients. Upon reporting back, the player would play a short cooking mini game. After getting their meal, they will snap out of the trance and give you the sixth key.

Day 7 Puzzle:

To get the final key, you must go to the Surveillance Room. There will be an agent looking over all the rooms. To get the seventh key, you must correctly answer his questions. He will quiz you about the rooms you have ventured though. (Klutzy’s Room, Dining Room, Planning Room, etc) After you correctly answer all of them, he will snap out of the trance and will give you the final key.

agents climbing up mountain

Party Rooms:

In order to decorate a lot of rooms, I would decorate the island itself with smaller decorations, and focus a tad more on the rooms inside the mountain.

Gary’s Secret Base – A small little room with Gary inside, monitors, concrete walls, and other EPF related equipment.

Dock – The Dock would be a place where you can train before heading on over to the huge mountain. There would be treadmills, a small equipment base, and EPF goodies.

Town – EPF banners on the buildings and Herbert wanted signs.

Mountain – The exterior of Herbert’s huge base. There would be a huge mountain in the middle of the room with a opening in the middle where you would enter. There would be trees, footprints, and snow everywhere.

Lobby – The first room the player sees when entering the mountain. The room would be split up into two sections. A bottom section, and top section. There would also be entrances to all the rooms from the Lobby. Herbert’s Lair would be a huge door on the 2nd floor. (There would be a grand staircase up to the 2nd half of the room.)

Klutzy’s Room – A room devoted to the little red crab. Inside you would find Klutzy and Dot.

Library – This room would be filled with books that Herbert likes to read.

Closet – A room filled with all sorts of clothes Herbert would wear.

Museum – A fancy room filled with Herbert’s prized possessions.

Planning Room – An old looking room with chalkboards and failed plans everywhere.

Dining Room – A room filled with food Herbert would eat. Oh, and vending machines.

Surveillance Room – A room filled with high tech screens, cameras, and security equipment.

Herbert’s Lair – A big room where Herbert is. There are computers, palm trees, a bunch of knick-knacks. Not to mention the huge bomb.

Nighttime – Have the entire island be covered in darkness.

It would also be fantastic if there was a similar mechanic used during Operation Blackout where the island would get colder and colder each week.

 Whew, did I go overboard? There’s still a lot more riding on Operation Detonation, but I’ll save that for a later time.

Now it’s YOUR turn! What would your dream party consist of? Did you like my idea? Leave a comment below, and let me know! 😀


Article written by Riyita

Hi! My name is Riyita and I own this website. It all started with my interest for outer space. I decided to combine two interests of mine into one being outer space and Club Penguin and thous, Club Penguin Space was born. I hope you enjoy your time reading our articles and let me know if there's anything I can do to improve your time on the site. :)

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2 years 3 months ago

Once Upon A Time Party!

2 years 4 months ago

OK I have a lot of good party ideas but my dream one would be a marvel takeover with a storyline Gary tries to make a machine to catch all the villans but it back fires and gives them powers then week 0 before the party he will about the backfired invention the villans attacks begin making a city and it has construction in week 0 and he will invent a machine called the superhero maker 3000 all the rooms will be decorated as a city and the superhero hq will be at ski hill same will the superhero maker items will be marvel Gary and aunt article will be there as mascots

2 years 4 months ago

Hey Riyatacp can you reply to this comment please

2 years 4 months ago

If CP brought the Winter Luau back this summer, I would die. Not literally 😛

2 years 4 months ago

Here is my party idea, but it’s a bit long…

Name: Mission 12: The Rise of the PSA Date: July 23rd-August 20 2015

Week 0 (week before) Gary calls you with your phone, asking you to get to EPF HQ. Once you arrive, you see that a new room is open, which is now Gary’s new lab. With permission, you enter. He then explains to you that Herbert has been stealing parts from the island, during parties. He stole parts of the ghost machine from Halloween 2014, a couple pirate crabs, Merry Walrus’s sled pieces, Star Wars Rebels’ space ship, SoundStudio, and a fair machine. Gary then leads you to a small checklist, where you have to do a 2 minute mini-mission to help out Gary gather data. From the 9th to the 16th, he gets you to explore the island from the Beach to the Cove. In each day, you’ll notice a clue.

Day 1 – Pawprints at the Beach

Day 2 – Hydro Hopper boat ruined, mess near it.

Day 3 – Coffee Shop covered in coffee, broken windows, and Dance Club powered off.

Day 4 – Clock Tower broken.

Day 5 – Puffle Hotel in pieces (YAY! Thank you Herbert) Mall blown up.

Day 6 – Fire at the Forest

Day 7 – Flood at the Cove.

Week 1 Gary then calls you again, which you arrive at the EPF Room, which was destroyed completely. Outside, it was dark, and the fire at the Forest revealed to a new area; Herbert’s Ultimate Base. It was so huge, around 6-7 rooms were there. Gary then gives you a mission (Mission 12 accessible after the party), to disguise as something and sneak into the base. Later on, Herbert took the Plaza and on to the East as his, and claimed it as Herbertopia. He also enslaved some penguins and turned them into crabs. Finally, JPG calls you, and takes you to the EPF Outdoor Base, which there composed of 4 rooms. He takes you to the Supply Room, where you can buy some clothing and weapons, new and old. After that, he tells you to return in a week.

Week 2 Rookie calls you, and tells you to come to the EPF Cafeteria ASAP. Once you arrive, you learn that JPG and Gary both were captured, and the EPF Command Room was abolished COMPLETELY. The EPF fles were spread all over, and it was now known more than the PSA. Rookie then eats a sandwich, and the orders you to search for clues, and start to break in. While you go, you noticed that most of the island was now Herbertopia, and the buildings became Herbertized. You takes pictures, grab clues and also break into the Herbertopia Base Entrance and the first obstacle. Once you finish the task, Rookie commands you over, and rewards you. He then orders you to do a few practice tasks while you wait.

Week 3

Dot then calls you over, and you learn that Rookie was captured, and became a slave too. Herbert had captured all of the island, and this camp was the only remaining free zone. She tasks you with taking the stolen machines and tools from the EPF/PSA, which was locked in the Herbertopia Base Vault. You go and have to go through one more obstacle, plus the code, which you get by a rhyme. After, you retrieve the tools and machines back, and she rewards you with a small catalog of outfits. However, when she tells you that she is going out to investigate, you notice on your phone a loud crack, a muffle, and a evil laugh. After, on the phone, it’s written to help hide the penguins in the Shelter, below.

Week 4 The Director calls you, who was shockingly frightened. She tells you that Herbert was hunting down the final agents, and he was HUGE. She tasks you with two tasks, one for this week and the final one for next week. She tells you to access the Main Port of Herbertopia, which holds information on anything. You go there, after through another obstacle, and access the info. The Director tells you in a rush that next week the final task, to access the Power Plant, to stop the power and free the agents, right before a loud boom.

Week 5 You get a message from a surprising person…..Roy! He was the sole survivor of a Herbert ambush on a group of penguins, and he was hurt. He repeats your final mission told by the Director before, and you go. You go through the obstacle, and unlock the Power Plant door. However, right before you could go in, Herbert jumps down in front of you, in a robotic outfit, with a majestic crown on him. He then tells you that you will fail and you can’t defeat him. You then challenge him, and have to battle him, by fighting his evil Hologram Puffles from the ghost catcher machine. Phase 1 is that, Phase 2 is ou need to chase him on the Merry Walrus ship, while he throws pirate crabs at you with his Star Wars ship. Final Phase is that he uses the dragon from the Fair, to attack you. You defeat him after 3 hits, and he explodes. A CP Video clip opens up, like Blackout, which you see the Dragon blow up, slamming Herbert into the Power Plant, which blows up. Power closes, and Herbertopia shuts down. Penguins are freed, and the EPF agents all escape to greet Herbert, including the ones who guided you. Gary steps out in front, and rewards you greatly for all, and thanks you too. He gives you a giant AGENT REWARD Pack, which is only for members. It contains a thank you certificate, a statue of you defeating Herbert, some medals, some awards for the mission and finally an epic outfit; Fighter Agent. Then, the Director steps out in front and tells you that the PSA will return, but it will be a bit different. You then are told to go relax. The final weeks of the party is the fixing up the island, which you can help out. Each 2 days, the sun shines brighter, and it gets more fixed up as it goes.

FINALE: After the party ends, Mission 12 is open, named “Herbert’s Attack”. It is in the same design as the other missions to make it easier to understand. The PSA returns, with a renovated room of the PSA, and the Gadget Room accessible. The EPF returns to being a secret in the closet (literally), and the Sports Shop returns, renamed to Sporting Goods. After this, the island was in construction for 3 extra weeks, because of the excess damage.

2 years 4 months ago

What about at the end you fix it and Herbert and klutzy turn nice? and a film like before

2 years 5 months ago

I couldn’t said it better, this is a perfect party

2 years 5 months ago

That’s a GREAT idea, you should email it to Club Penguin!

– Atm40

2 years 5 months ago

That sounds awesome but where did detonation come into it?

My perfect party would be a Halloween party.

Two weeks before:
Gary conducts a survey on what penguins like most about Halloween. (This would be an actual survey on Club penguin but doesn’t actually affect the final result) Dot decides to prepare her own Costume contest and igloo contest but she needs time to prepare them. Rookie takes some time away. (Which would foreshadow a November party)

One week before:
Gary is shocked to find out that almost every penguin on the island picked sweets/candy and begins to prepare a special surprise to “make penguins remember what Halloween really means.” The time trekker appears in the snow forts with text reading “Come back October 21st for a surprise” Dot starts the igloo contest which runs for 3 weeks.

Party started:
Gary reveals the surprise is a trip to significant eras to do with Halloween such as the original Halloween, first trick or treating etc. You can also visit the best Halloween party voted by the public earlier in the month/year. Every day a new activity becomes available in one of the era’s with prizes for completing them. Dot took the helm for the main islands decorations with a special costume show room, the scarier and stranger the better. The best costume in a certain category (randomly selected) wins an award.

One week in:
Due to being to switch time periods so frequently, the time trekker begins malfunctioning. This releases a paranormal disturbance which allows the ghosts to take over. While Gary fixes the time trekker, Gariwald VIII leads ghost hunters in the first Halloween into the paranormal realm. This allows everyone to become a ghost. Gariwald gives a new task each day to correct the disturbance with ghostly prizes for completing them. ALL decorations, including the costme show gets paranormal decorations on top of the old ones. A newly redesigned Gariwarld’s mansion opens.
When the party ends Dot announces the igloo contest winners and Gary fixes the Time trekker. Gariwald departs once more with his mansion and the paranormal disturbance cleared.

I’m not going to go into details about the tasks but if you logged in on the last day, all tasks would be attemptable. All tasks are also re-attemptable once completed but would not yield a prize second time around unless it was not redeemed first time. The costume show would be similar to the awards show from the Hollywood party but with Dot and a scarier theme.
Most rooms would be decorated with a Halloween themed vibe but would focus more on the paranormal during the second week.

Dot won’t be a mascot because she is judging the costume show and is too stealthy otherwise.
Gary is obviously a meetable mascot with a NEW background. Gariwald will make his mascot debut in the second week.

Prizes would relate to tasks and would range from a tribal spear to a trick or treat house furniture item. The pumpkin puffle hat would become available once again as well as two NEW puffle hats: The witches hat and A ghost hat which could also be put on a ghost puffle.
During the second week, ghost puffles become available again. Everybody can get one while members can get as many as they please

If you think I could add anything to this or you just plain like the idea, tell me. I really want feedback on this!

2 years 4 months ago

Thanks, that really means a lot
No. Well she might, I don’t know
Dot’s involvement is just some side thingy I thought of to add replay value to the party because no-one knows costumes better than Dot and Halloween can focus heavily on costumes.

2 years 5 months ago

Walrus would steal christmas (he already did unfortunately) and penquins team up with Herbert to destroy the Walrus Guy! Great party 10/10!

Just Kidding, but it would be awesome…

Operation: Repopulation (that rhymes lol)

Gary starts building a machine which removes all the enemies from Club Penguin including Herbert, Klutzy, Protobot, the 3 bots in system defender, that ghost from Halloween Party and of course, Walrus…(I keep wanting to destroy walrus). He calls this machine the Villain Remover 3000.
Unfortunately, Herbert steals this machine, but he doesn’t know what it’s for. He hides in the command room to find out what it’s for as a penquin. After he finds out what it’s for, he goes home and programmes it to remove a lamp. It works, so he uses it to remove Puffles forever.

At the first week of the party, all of our puffles would be vanished (it would be stored in CP’s computer, so they can add it back when the party is over). Agents would get a sidequest to get in Herbert’s lair and get the machine back before he does anything else. Since it is a sidequest, there would only be one puzzle and after we sneaked in, we would see that Klutzy destroyed the Villain Remover, so Herbert can’t do anything else with it.

The main quest would be to recover all the puffles. Each day we would have to explore the wilderness and get a new species of puffle. This would contain puzzles every day.

Where can you find the puffles? (The Puffles what I left out would be in the wilderness)
Puffle Wild puffles: Puffle Wilds
Dino Puffles: We would have to travel back in time again.
Pink:Underwater Room
Orange: Box Dimension
Black: Underground
Ghost: In a grave in someones igloo (IF someone has it in the furniture inventory, he puts it down and then he can get the ghost)
Brown: In the expedition 2011 party cave.
Purple: In the Cave Maze disco
White: In a secret room near the dojo.
Rainbow: In a shelter in the rainbow forest.
Gold: You would have to create 1 gold puffle with the help of the puffles you got previous days and then you get all of the back in your igloo.
Dog, Cat: Swashbuckler Trading Post
Snowman: You need to build one and use a frozen party item to get it.
Crystal: You need to go to the place of Walrus.

And the main puffle: RED
For the red puffle, you would need to go to RH’s island for the first time, and explore it to find red puffles.

Why is the main puffle the red? Because non-members can get it too, and the other puffles (except blue and rainbow) are only for members. NMs would still get the missions, they just wouldn’t be able to get any puffle from it.

It’s not that big of an idea, I just suddenly came up with it 😛

2 years 4 months ago

To answer your questions: You would have to have a picture of the object you want to remove. After you placed it inside the machine, it searches for the nearest object and teleports it into Space. Now, if you ask how some puffles survived, the answer is that it only removes them where you want them to be removed. In this case, Herbert would only programme the machine to remove puffles from the Main Rooms and igloos.

2 years 5 months ago

when is this party

2 years 5 months ago

this party is ryita’s dream party not a real CP one