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Club Penguin Discussion 12/20: Club Penguin’s 2014

Club Penguin's 2014


As we come to the end of 2014, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about how Club Penguin did this year. To start off, there were 12 big parties, and 6 mini parties. For most of of the parties this year, Club Penguin has used a system that in my opinion, is ruining the parties as a whole. I call this system, the “task and item”. During a party, Club Penguin would give you  very, very simple tasks to do. From throwing snowballs at an obvious target, to extremely easy 2 minute scavenger hunts,  and even sometimes just clicking the claim item button. Not to mention there were 24 Puffles released this year, which breaks last year’s record which was… Puffles. Do you see a problem there?

The year started out with the Prehistoric Party. Since this is the second Prehistoric party, I would expect some new things… Right?

Prehistoric Party 2014

The ONLY new thing you could do during this party was adopt Dino Puffles. Club Penguin had you playing the same little mini game that was taken from the first Prehistoric Party. There were only brand new party rooms. The rest were reused from the first Prehistoric Party.

2014-01-23 06_33_30-Play Now! _ Club Penguin

The Fair 2014

In February, The Fair made a return, but this time, it was totally different. We could go on RIDES for the first time ever. A brand NEW theme park called the Amazement Park opened up. There were three areas of the park. Pirate Park, Tumbleweed Town, and (my favorite), Galaxy Park. In each area there were different rides and games. Some penguins didn’t like this because the Amazement Park was literally the ONLY portion of Club Penguin that was decorated. Every other room just had the sky changed. Although the Amazement Park was the only thing, I really liked this party. (At least when compared to some other parties this year). The prizes were good, the audio was epic, and the rides were so awesome.

2014-02-20 05_30_20-Play Now! _ Club Penguin

A few things did have a negative impact on this party. Some being the extremely high cost of prizes. Another being that there were no new fair games… Only the artwork was changed. Another thing that I REALLY liked about this party was the Daily Spin. See, this is sorta like what Club Penguin has been doing the entire year, but better. Club Penguin wants you to keep coming back every day to do the simple 30 second task. Well, they did the same thing here, but I found the Daily Spin to be MUCH more enjoyable.

2014-02-20 05_20_51-Play Now! _ Club Penguin

Muppets World Tour

In March, Club Penguin had its first takeover party of the year. Muppets… I personally am not a fan of the muppets, but I put that aside hoping the party would be good. Unfortunately, it was not. Content wise, the only thing you could do was again, simple 30 second tasks. This time around, you had to equip an instrument, and find another player who had the same instrument, and play together. That’s it. These tasks took around 30-50 seconds to complete. Despite the lack of content, this party had 13 rooms decorated. And the party rooms were pretty nice. Most rooms were based on a different country. I really liked France.

2014-03-23 11_33_51-Play Now! _ Club Penguin

My favorite thing during the party would have to be The Stage. During the party, me and a few friends would pretend to play charades. One person would stand on the Stage and act something out, and the others would sit in the chair. It worked really well and was a ton of fun. The BEST part however, was when the Muppets show came on. We would all go up to the muppets and attack them. I even put on my snow launcher and went all out. It was really fun, lol.

2014-03-28 16_41_36-Play Now! _ Club Penguin

Puffle Party 2014

Alright… The Puffle Parties used to be my FAVORITE type of party Club Penguin threw. Until this year’s. There were technically 13 rooms decorated, but two of those (Being some of the most popular rooms, the Town and the Plaza), only had a new walkway. So in my opinion, only 11 rooms were truly decorated. This party like most parties of the year, was based heavily on Puffles, and the “task and item” party system. The Puffle Park & Puffle Tricks were also introduced. This may seem like a lot of content, but it didn’t get that far for me. And in my opinion, if Club Penguin is going to add an entirely new room, I would think they would decorate it in the future, but sadly, this isn’t the case. After a new room is added, it begins collecting dust.

2014-04-16 23_12_18-Play Now! _ Club Penguin

My favorite room that was decorated during the party was the Forest. I really think Club Penguin should’ve made this the permanent design for the Forest. I really like the river and the fish that swim, the help booth is a nice addiction, and there is even a little picnic area. Compare this room to the normal Forest room. Now tell me, what design would you prefer?

2014-04-16 23_25_15-Play Now! _ Club Penguin

Future Party

This was an entirely new party. It wasn’t a great party, nor was it a horrible one. There were 10 rooms decorated, and the main objective was to hop into a Starship and shoot lasers at meteors in space. You would earn points which you could then trade in for items. That’s it. During the second week of the party, you could battle Protobot, but it was the same thing. You would just attack him with lasers, and after a few hits, he would be finished. The Future Party also followed the rest of the parties of 2014, as it had the “task and item” system.

2014-05-29 06_01_40-Play Now! _ Club Penguin

Penguin Cup

We are now halfway through the year! Could things get better the second half of 2014? Well, see for yourself. The Penguin Cup took place in June. There were 9 rooms decorated, but the Town only had some minor flag and color changes, so I’m not counting that. rooms were totally decorated. The main thing you could do during the party was play a little mini game called Shootout. The goal was to click the mouse every time the target aligned with the circle.

2014-06-19 00_14_54-Play Now! _ Club Penguin

You could get upgraded shoes as you played though, and the more you played, the more items you would earn. Playing that game was the ONLY thing you could do. I would say it took 5 minutes to get all the items. However, this party had a sprinkle of that world aspect that Club Penguin needs so badly. Penguins could join a team and every time they played a Shootout, they would earn points for their team. This brought a little bit of competition into the party. I would say the competitiveness was the best part of this party.

2014-06-18 23_51_54-Play Now! _ Club Penguin

Music Jam 2014

The WORST party of the year by a LONG RUN is the Music Jam. I wouldn’t even call it a “Music” Jam. There was NOTHING to do. rooms were brand new decorated rooms. This party also had the “task and item” system inforced. But do you want to know what the task was? Simply clicking the “Claim Item” button. That was the task. Are you kidding me? I remember it was the last day of 6th grade, and one of the Music Jam’s was starting the same day. I was so excited to get home and see the party. The entire island was decorated, and it was just plain awesome. The memories…

2014-07-16 22_57_38-Play Now! _ Club Penguin

Club Penguin released a new mini game called SoundStudio during the party, and it was good, but that doesn’t make up for how horrible this party was. I mean, Club Penguin ruined the Music Jam name. Every Music Jam before this was actually a “Music Jam”.  A ton of rooms were decorated, there was a decent amount of content, it felt like an actually jam. Here however, it felt like I was forced to play SoundStudio for the entire duration of the party.

2014-07-16 23_02_12-Play Now! _ Club Penguin

Frozen Takeover

Club Penguin released one of the most asked for parties of the year, Frozen. There were 8 rooms decorated, and 7 of the 8 rooms had a winter state, which I count as an entirely new room. That brings the total number of decorated rooms to 15. The Frozen Party was a neutral party. I felt like Club Penguin could have done SO much more with it, but simply did not. The main thing you could do during the party, was find these magical snowflakes. Now at first, you may be thinking, “Oh cool, it’s a scavenger hunt.” Well, this isn’t the kind of scavenger hunt you are thinking of. The snowflakes were so easy to find, that it took me maybe 2 minutes to find them all.

2014-08-21 01_08_52-Play Now! _ Club Penguin

I know this was designed for little kids, but I could see an 8 year old finding all the snowflakes in maybe 4 minutes? You would earn items as you collected the snowflakes. Again, the “task and item” system is present. After you collected all the snowflakes, you would be able to transform into a few Frozen characters like Olaf and Marshmallow, adopt a Snowflake Puffle, and have the ability to “freeze” rooms.

2014-08-21 11_53_45-Play Now! _ Club Penguin

School & Skate Party

This party wasn’t the best. In fact, it didn’t have much to do at all. It copied the same type of scavenger hunt that the Frozen Party had. Although it was a tad bit harder to find the items. There were totally new decorated rooms. The party was heavily based on the new Skatepark which in my opinion, is totally useless. When they first announced this party, I thought we would be able to do all sorts of tricks, but unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. When you were in the Skatepark, you simply equipped the skateboard, and watched your penguin skate. That was it. It MIGHT of been a bit more fun if we could actually COMMUNICATE properly.

2014-09-18 06_04_10-Play Now! _ Club Penguin

Halloween Party 2014

Finally! We made it to the Halloween Party. This year’s Halloween Party was no doubt the best party of 2014. There were a whopping 29 decorated rooms. Some rooms like the Lighthouse, Pool, and Ski Hill were decorated. Just a little note, the Pool, nor Ski Hill had been decorated at all this year up until this party. Anyways, this party was so good when compared to the rest of this year’s parties, because it had content, replay value, a little story, and more!

2014-10-23 00_36_21-Play Now! _ Club Penguin

Gariwald, Gary’s ghost hunting great uncle, was alerted that there were some suspicious paranormal activity going on at the Puffle Hotel. Turns out that the Puffle Hotel was really haunted! The hotel was turned into a 13 floor mansion. The bellhop, (who later turns out to be a ghost) works in the hotel and helps you throughout your journey. Each day, you had to do a new task. Yes, this party does have the “task and item” system, but the tasks were not as simple as some other past parties tasks. There was also a new Puffle, being the Ghost Puffle.

2014-10-26 11_44_56-Play Now! _ Club Penguin

Pirate Party

This party was a very boring party. There were rooms decorated. There were two things you could do. Both were EXTREMELY boring and repetitive. You could duel your friends, and crabs. Basically you played rock paper scissors, and whoever picked the correct move, won. It was all luck based. As you continued playing, you would earn points which could then be traded in for items. When you battled the crabs, it was the same exact thing. This party had no storyline, nor replay value. It truly was a very boring party. It would have been so cool by the time we were going to battle the final crab, Rockhopper had rebuild his ship and we would battle the boss crab out at sea. Sadly, this never happened.

I have to point this out though. The Forest looked amazing. The colors really blended in well, and I just love every small detail. 🙂

2014-11-20 15_20_26-Play Now! _ Club Penguin

Merry Walrus Party 2014

One of the most disappointing parties of all year, is the Merry Walrus Party. Being a holiday party, (which is Club Penguin’s BIGGEST party all year) it only had 11 decorated rooms. Out of those, were rooms reused from last year’s Holiday Party, and simply recolored. That means that there were only totally brand new rooms decorated for Club Penguin’s BIGGEST party of the year. Past Holiday Parties had 20+ rooms decorated. This makes absolutely ZERO sense. There is hardly anything to do as well. Club Penguin gives you these tasks that literally take 20 seconds to complete, AND there are only four of them.

2014-12-18 20_09_29-Play Now! _ Club Penguin

Another Puffle, the Blue Crystal Puffle is also made available. The last thing we needed was another Puffle. Club Penguin ruined one of their most beloved parties.


That is all the major parties of 2014. HOWEVER, there were still a few new additions to the island. Sled Racer, (one of the few things that actually FELT new) was released on iOS, Puffle Wild, a puzzle game was also released on iOS. And finally, the Club Penguin App made its way onto Android devices.

And THAT my friends, is Club Penguin’s 2014. In my opinion, it was their worst year. The majority of the 12 parties were pretty darn bad. Another thing that REALLY bothered me is that there wasn’t an EPF Party! EPF Parties are in my opinion, the BEST type of party. They have awesome visuals, a great amount of content, and most importantly, a STORYLINE.

Club Penguin Space uses a 0 through 10 rating scale. We are giving Club Penguin’s 2014 a…

Club Penguin 2014 REVIEW SCORE

Now the question is… “How can 2015 be better than 2014?”

Well, I think if Club Penguin greatly improves on their parties, social features, and the overall quality of the game, then the year shouldn’t be that bad… Also, Club Penguin needs to release the next installment in the Card Jitsu series, and bring the EPF back to life. I wrote many Club Penguin discussions about parties and chatting. You can check those out by clicking here. Club Penguin should know by now what needs to be improved on. The fate of the game is at stake.

Thanks for reading my thoughts about Club Penguin’s 2014. Please tell me what you think about this year by leaving a comment below. I read all the comments I get. 🙂

Here’s to a great 2015! 😀


Article written by Riyita

Hi! My name is Riyita and I own this website. It all started with my interest for outer space. I decided to combine two interests of mine into one being outer space and Club Penguin and thous, Club Penguin Space was born. I hope you enjoy your time reading our articles and let me know if there's anything I can do to improve your time on the site. :)

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14 Comments on "Club Penguin Discussion 12/20: Club Penguin’s 2014"

2 years 10 months ago

I think we should just stop playing Club Penguin and hope the team eventually can see again and make it better.

Fruit and Vegetables
2 years 10 months ago

I remember CP saying that a lot of work goes into making puffles, and they released like 20 this year. CP was focusing too much on puffles instead of parties. Yes, i agree that they should focus more on the web version of the game. or at least one of their versions of the game.

If 2015 is more worse than 2014, I have to quit Club Penguin.

2 years 10 months ago


Prehistoric Party
Halloween Party


I’d give this year a 3, yes 3, yeah I said 3

2 years 10 months ago

I agree. Club Penguin 2014 parties are very poor. I give it a 3% rating. I hope 2015 is better.

2 years 10 months ago

Addition To My Last Comment:
So I now see that maybe, we should also try and help the team out by giving them ideas on how they could maybe make Club Penguin better for everyone, but to do so everyone has to be suggesting the same idea in different ways, and telling them why it means so much to them. For example, @Happlyblue128cp said

“a possible solution as to how the team can ensure the web version of the game ( is decorated to the high standards that were met with previous parties from previous years. Simply, do what the Club Penguin team did on the app for the Halloween Party – only release a few decorations on the app and make it clear that if the user wants to play the full version of the party, they’ll have to go to (the web version). This way, everyone’s happy… right?”

this is a great idea, but it will never happen unless we all request it.
But, from what I see The Club Penguin Apps, have ruined Club Penguin this year. The deadlines the team had before the apps came out was obviously better, but I feel like they have the same deadlines now, but the amount of work they have to do is tripled. This doesn’t make much since at all.

I suggest everyone contact Club Penguin Support, and tell them to focus more on the web then the apps, and say something like Happyblue said about focusing on the web version, and using the app as a “mini club penguin”. It’s not like kids don’t have their own computers. I mean dang, they have their own iPhone 6’s so why not their own Mac Books, and Dell Laptops to play the web version on?

2 years 10 months ago

Please don’t talk in general. Several kids might own multiple devices. That is correct but other kids simply own like, an iPhone 6 but not other devices such as an iPad or a Windows 8 Computer.

2 years 10 months ago

Something else I forgot to mention is that CP didn’t have a Card-Jitsu related party this year as well. Bummer :/

I completely agree with you as well. This was CP’s WORST year in history. I am sure if CP does a “Best of 2014” video like last year, it would be pretty short and it would be much longer if CP made a “Worst of 2014” video instead.

My Top 5 Favorite Parties of 2014 are (from least to best)

5. Pirate Party 2014
4. Penguin Cup
3. Prehistoric Party 2014
2. The Fair 2014
1. Halloween Party 2014

That’s right. I used to classify the Prehistoric Party as my favorite party this year. However, I’ve analyzed correctly the parties and now I came to my conclusion, classifying the Halloween Party as my favorite party of 2014.

2 years 10 months ago

Anyways, it’s kinda funny how you expected new stuff to occur at this years Prehistoric Party, considering that it’s very old. You wouldn’t expect a robot greeting you at the first day of the party, do you? 😛

Just a cheesy contradiction to your comment. 😛

2 years 10 months ago

That is true. XD
I mean I guess it could of been a few years later. Then again, it makes sense that it might be a party you only do once, and never again.

2 years 10 months ago


Riyita, I totally agree with everything you have said and I am going to type here what I tweeted to Polo, I doubt they will listen, but you got to try.
So I got a Club Penguin membership when I was 8, and now I am 17, yes I said 17. That is 8 years straight of a Club Penguin Membership, and I was a loyal player that went to every party, and enjoyed it throughout the 8 years, but this year, I canceled my membership after complete disappointment.

Puffle were one of my favorite things about Club Penguin, I had so much fun caring for them, walking them around and just loved it when we quested to find a new puffle, such as the brown puffle. Tons of puzzles and such to get to their home and adopt one. It was great fun! Then came the puffle being parties, where every room was decorated, and it would be so much fun to run around with your puffles to the rooms dedicated to each puffle, and also get to transform into one of your puffles to get into the special puffle room. It was great, but now there are 24 four puffles in a year. 2 A MONTH (even though there were like 20 released in 1 month), I wanted to collect all the puffles, and have fun while getting them, but that is now a lost cause, because well you can get them for free by pretty much clicking a “FREE PUFFLE CLICK HERE” sign at this point.

Parties, this years parties have been a big disappointment, all the Riyita said is true. The key word here is DISAPPOINTMENT, Parties used to have every room decorated, and it was more interactive then just clicking for a free item. Plus, too many new characters have been released. AND WHAT HAPPENED TO ROCKHOPPER AS SANTA? Now there is some Walrus as Santa. Enough said about that. I do relize that our favorite Disney is pressuring you to do all these things in so little time, and saying that everything you do on the web has to be done on mobile. THIS IS STUPID, is Disney so clueless to see that many of it’s true Club Penguin fans are leaving because of the pressure you are putting on the Club Penguin Team, fine you will have a bunch of 4 year olds running around throwing snowballs at trees, eventually they too will want to rather play Minecraft or some game like GTA V, or Five Nights at Freddy’s
2, which I have seen. How is that helping your profits, which may I mention is obvious all you care about, at this point. MONEY MONEY MONEY and did I mention MONEY? It’s obvious that you Disney, don’t really care about your players any more, or even the people who are working on Club Penguin because of all the pressure you put on them. But wait, that doesn’t matter, as long as you make more money it’s fine. It’s not like you have billions of dollars already. Oh wait… you do.

Club Penguin Team, you guys are awesome, and I know you are trying your best and it’s not your fault for most of this. It’s the people at Disney who are requiring all this work to be done in so little time, is lowering the quality of everything. Fine Disney, get a few extra bucks from a 5 Year Old’s parent because they want to “hab a n3w puff”, but remember you are also loosing your most loyal players while doing it.

So have fun, not listening to your older player base. My family fosters children who are the age of 5 and 6. They might play Club Penguin for a week, and then get bored and move onto Minecraft.

Your Old Loyal Fan,

2 years 10 months ago

That’s kinda true. What’s worse is that how when a member loses its membership, the member is not able to take care of the ouffle creature anymore. But why? Heck .-.

In my perspective, it’s also sad several “grown-up games” appeal more to young people now. Some do it because they are ACTUALLY interested while others, play those games because:

1) They want to “grow” up
2) It’s popular lately
3) They want to catch attention
4) Others

Like how toys are getting replaced with iPads lately. Heck, when I was 8, I played in Paint and got a cellphone in my 11th Birthday. Nowadays, 6 year old kids own an iPad, iPhone 5 S, Mac, to look like a “grown” up by wearing such “fancy” stuff. I’ve even seen 6 year old kids play Minecraft, 5 Nights at Freddy’s, and other “grown-up” games while I, a 15 year old guy, still play CP, afraid of revealing my “secret” to everybody, simultaneously being classified as a “no life kiddie” :/


2 years 10 months ago

And FYI, I’d play those grown-up games if I had enough money. I might even lose my membership on CP soon…

2 years 10 months ago

Tienes razón, la fiesta de Halloween fue la mejor, musica, salas, el puffle fantasma fue mi favorito del año, la mejor fiesta del año. 🙂